Services and Fees

Sessions cost alternatives can be used if needed. Payments plans are also available. Buirge’s services also includes therapeutic personal coaching (different scale fees).

Online therapy is available for all clients, and also used for those that have mental or physical disabilities that prevent or interfere with attending office sessions, and for out-of-state/country clients.

Online sessions begin at 75.00 per hour, unless you meet the required discounts, or the based on income fees.

basic session fees begin @ 100.00 per hour-per client, couple, family
 coaching fees begin at 75.00 per session (client can have up to ten sessions)
business sessions for the workplace start at 85.00 per hour-discounts for non-profits
discounted session fees for those that have economic hardship, are full-time students, clients living on disability, Iraq, Afghan, and Vietnam war vets, and/or for the retired elderly on social security
all sessions can be discounted and will be based on a sliding scale fee that will be analyzed with your income and budget limitations if you can not afford the regular session fees. You will have to provide proof of income paperwork.
Session time frames available:
a free phone or Skype consultation (30 min)
one on one individualized therapy sessions (50 min)
– family therapy sessions (50 min)
couples therapy (50 min)
therapeutic coaching sessions (5-10 sessions in total-1 hour)
support and professional consultation for children/teenagers diagnosed with a mental disorder/illness (programming, therapy, intervention services-varies)
discounted session fees (fees based on a consultation)
group therapy sessions (1-1 1/2 hour)
psycho-drama therapy for individuals and groups (1-1 1/2 hour)
therapeutic sessions for business owners seeking counseling for their employees (varies)

If needed, Buirge may be able to work with you and your insurance  for therapy. Presently he is not working with 3rd party payments.


*Clients will be billed their session fee if they do not cancel within a 24 hour period. A signed client contract will be provided to client with a signed agreement to this policy with sessions provided by Buirge. 

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