Iraq and Afgan Vets suffering from PTSD, Depression,Addiction,etc. will receive 1/2 sessions FREE

Are you a Vet from the Iraq and Afgan wars? Do you suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, mood swings, paranoia, carrying or have a weapon,insomnia, violent outbursts, intrusive thoughts, images you can not forget?
I am not here to judge, but to listen and suggest if you wish to have objective feedback.
All Vets will receive 1/2 of their sessions that they commit to. The other half of sessions, will be at discounted fees. If one can not afford sessions I am willing to do pro-bono sessions.
If working with a psychiatrist we will work together as a team.I also offer couples therapy and/or family therapy with our Vets too. I also see Vietnam Vets as well. Please contact Buirge for more info:
See contact page!
Bring the troops home now!

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