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This counseling/therapy service is for those seeking new combined contemplative alternatives to blend with traditional and modern therapy. This professional counseling service is for individuals, couples, families, groups, and business consultation.
The therapist is Buirge Sullivan Jones. Buirge graduated from the Eastern-inspired Contemplative Psychotherapy program from Naropa University in 2010. Many misunderstand Contemplative Psychology and believe it is based in religious faith and practices, or has a theistic belief based system.

However, one does not have to be an practicing member of any spiritual tradition or even be practicing spirituality to benefit from having therapy provided by Buirge. Many may now be aware of the acceptance and growth in the therapy filed with mindful-awareness therapy, meditation for stress reduction therapy, mindful-awareness addiction therapy, body and mind centered trauma work, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Those are some of the essential tools in Contemplative Psychotherapy.

Contemplative Psychology is an empirically and scientifically proven therapy modality. Many psychiatrists and psychologists use mindfulness techniques in therapy presently today. It has been called by many different names, such as; DBT, CBT, ACT, and mindfulness stress reduction therapy. One does NOT have to be a spiritual practitioner, to gain the therapeutic benefits and value from the contemplative-based psychotherapy system. However, many find combining their spiritual and/or religious practice with therapy is extremely beneficial!

In fact, Buirge has also has experienced the benefits himself, by personally attending Naropa University and participating in the Contemplative Psychotherapy program. The varied western and eastern spiritual wisdom tradition lineages, combined with blend of western and eastern psychology, has had an 2,500 years of history and empirical therapeutic value. From all the contemplative wisdom lineages, many committed their complete lives into the investigation into the roots of personal and human universal experience, and the understanding with the human roots of suffering, by contemplating on the causes, conditions, and eventual cessation. Using some of these methods from a therapeutic standpoint can be extremely beneficial to you not matter what your belief  system may be.

To get more info on Contemplative Psychotherapy, please check out some of the resources listed on this site, or go to Naropa’s website and explore the program there:


Contact Buirge if you are interested in exploring these counseling techniques and their clinical outcomes, please set up an initial free consultation or explore the web site with its resources page.
Buirge also welcomes any person, couple, family or group whom is interested in Contemplative Psychotherapy. However, one does NOT have to have any of the conditions or beliefs above, to gain benefits from psychotherapy. Buirge has many clients whom just attend counseling/therapy for an objective viewpoint in their private lives.

Some of the therapeutic modalities Buirge may use with clients are: mindfulness awareness therapy, ACT therapy, DBT therapy, meditative visualization and relaxation techniques, mindfulness stress reduction and relaxation training, creating personal family genograms, Jungian mandala therapy, art/music therapy, and classic psychoanalysis.

These are just a few modalities that Buirge may use and combine together if needed. Therapy is tailored to you and your needs.

Clients work together, as a team with Buirge, to explore what works best for you and your personal therapeutic journey. Buirge receives professional group and individual clinical supervision by a accredited professional licensed psychologist and psychiatrist (ongoing)

Various locations throughout the Tucson, AZ Area for face to face therapy.
Please call or email, for office hours and location(s).
There is also online sessions available.




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